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ConnexVSC Announces Strategic Partnership with Leaders Credit Union to Enhance Financial Services

ConnexVSC is excited to announce a strategic partnership with Leaders Credit Union, aimed at enhancing financial services and providing greater value to members. This collaboration will leverage ConnexVSC's cutting-edge technology and expertise in vehicle service contracts with Leaders Credit Union's commitment to exceptional member service and financial solutions. Together, they will introduce innovative products and services designed to meet the evolving needs of credit union members, ensuring a seamless and superior financial experience.

Exclusionary Coverage Protection for Standard Vehicles

Experience the next generation of auto protection with our Exclusionary Coverage plans, designed to match your factory warranty and provide unmatched peace of mind, covering everything from mechanical breakdowns to electrical issues.

Exclusionary with Prepaid Maintenance

Elevate your vehicle's care with our PrePaid Maintenance Plan! Enjoy the same great beneļ¬ts of our Exclusionary coverage with the added value of maintenance.

Exclusionary Coverage Protections for Exotic Vehicles

Experience premium protection tailored exclusively for exotic vehicles with Executive Coverage. Enjoy an extensive array of additional benefits and customize your plan by selecting from various terms and deductible options to match your driving habits and financial goals.

Pre-Paid Maintenance

Our Pre-paid Maintenance Program provides a convenient and cost-effective way to keep your vehicle performing at its best.
By pre-paying for your maintenance, you can protect yourself against rising service costs, ensure timely upkeep, and maintain your vehicle's value. Drive with confidence and peace of mind.

1415 Interior/Exterior Protection

A premier service designed to envelop your vehicle in unmatched ceramic protection, this advanced coating technology not only enhances your vehicle's aesthetic appeal but also fortifies its exterior and interior against the harshest elements and everyday wear.

1415 Ceramic Bundle Protection

This bundle is meticulously designed to extend the superior ceramic protection of the 1415 Appearance Protection to cover every aspect of your vehicle's well-being. Experience comprehensive care and elevated performance, ensuring your vehicle remains in pristine condition.

Tire & Wheel Protection

Even the most careful drivers encounter road hazards that can cause expensive damage to their tires and wheels. Tire & Wheel Protection eliminates the hassle and expense of getting back on the road. If you need a rental or other transportation while your vehicle is undergoing covered repairs, this program covers that too, ensuring you stay mobile and stress-free.

Windshield Protection

Protect your vehicle's windshield from everyday road hazards such as rocks, debris, stones, gravel, and more. In addition to shielding vehicle occupants from the elements, a properly maintained windshield can help reduce crash injuries and even save lives. Ensure your windshield is always in top condition with our comprehensive protection plan.

Key Replacement Protection

Unlock peace of mind with our Key Protection plan! Never fear losing or damaging your keys again. Our comprehensive coverage has you covered. Whether they're lost, stolen, or damaged, we've got the solution to get you back on the road in no time. Say goodbye to the hassle and stress of key mishaps, and hello to the thrill of uninterrupted adventures.

Catalytic Converter Protection

Catalytic Converter Protection plans offer a robust defense against the growing threat of catalytic converter theft and the significant replacement costs that come with it. As theft rates continue to climb, protecting this vital component of your vehicle has never been more critical.

Motorcycle Extended Service Plan

A Motorcycle Extended Service Plan provides riders with peace of mind by offering extended coverage beyond the manufacturer's warranty. It's a valuable investment that enhances reliability and safeguards against unforeseen expenses, tailored to meet the diverse needs of motorcycle enthusiasts everywhere.

Automotive & Identity Theft Protection

This comprehensive protection service not only shields vehicles from theft and fraud but also extends to safeguarding personal identities against cyber threats. Our proactive approach ensures peace of mind for vehicle owners, combining advanced security measures with expert monitoring.

Save you up to 50% on vehicle protection plans compared to purchasing from a dealership.

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