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ATV, UTV and Scooter

We specialize in offering comprehensive powersports service contracts designed to provide peace of mind and protection for your recreational vehicles.


Motorcycle Extended Service Plan

Motorcycle coverage offers owners peace of mind while maximizing enjoyment. The comprehensive coverage plans provide a higher level of protection beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.  Your coverage will help mitigate costly parts and labor costs.

Finally, you choose where to get your vehicle repaired and the fast friendly claims team will pay the licensed repair facility directly - SAME DAY.

Roadside Benefits

Rental or Alternate Transportation

Up to $40.00 per day for 5 days, including the substitution transportation allowance of 2 additional days not to exceed $280.00 per occurrence.

tow truck
Towing Benefit

Non-Emergency towing reimbursement up to $100.00 per occurrence with a covered breakdown.

car battery
Battery Service

Up to $100.00 per occurrence.

key fob
Key Replacement

Up to $100.00 per occurrence when keys are lost or become inoperable.

roadside assistance
Flat Tire Assistance

Up to $100.00 per occurrence.

remote key
Vehicle Pickup

Up to $50.00 for reasonable pickup.

24/7 service
Emergency Roadside Assistance

Up to $100 per occurrence for on-site assistance for towing/vehicle extrication, fuel or fluid delivery, or  battery boost/jump (excludes cost of fluids or fuel).

Value Protection Plan


All internally lubricated parts contained within the engine; valve covers; intake manifolds; oil pump; valves; engine mounts; cylinder head(s); and more.

Water Pump

Impeller shaft; bushings; bearings and housing.


Internally lubricated parts contained within the transmission; gears; bearings; internal drive gears; transmission case.

Primary Drive

Internally lubricated parts (excluding clutch and hub assemblies) contained within the primary drive case;  gears; bearings; internal drive gears and more.

Drive Assemblies (Shaft Driven Motorcycles)

Differential housing; transaxle housing; final drive housing; internally lubricated parts; axle shaft(s); constant velocity joints; universal joints; drive shafts; and more.


Upper and lower steering stem bearings and bushings; axle; steering stem; handlebar; steering stem nut and rod ends; steering stem shaft.

Seals & Gaskets

For all Covered Parts listed for the VALUE Plan.

Suspension, Front & Rear

Internally lubricated parts within the forks/fork tubes and front hub; swing arm bearings or bushings; front and rear wheel bearings; swing arm; upper and lower control arms; ball joints; kingpins; and more.


Alternator; starter assembly; manually operated switches;  cooling fan motor; wiring harness; ignition coil(s); rectifier;  stator assembly; rotor assembly; and more.


All factory instrumentation (mechanical and electronic) and electronic instrument sensors. Light bulbs are not covered.


Brake backing plates; brake hubs; disc rotors; calipers;  master cylinder assembly; hydraulic lines and more.

Touring Bike Additional Coverage

Intercom - Transmitter/receiver, headset, microphone, splitter, console pad, cables and jacks; Audio Entertainment - Receiver, CD player, navigation system, audio jacks, MP3 player, alarm system; Fairing Hardware - Mounting hardware, brackets, switches, covers, latches and hinges; Saddlebag/Travel Trunks - Bags, travel trunks, latches, hinges and mounting hardware; Sidecar Hardware, and more.

Deductible Reimbursement

The maximum benefit per each covered breakdown deductible reimbursement will be $100.00 and does not apply to additional benefits.

Coverage Exclusions

Some components and services are excluded from coverage such as normal maintenance and wear items. See the contract for details.

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Powersport Appearance Protection

Industry-leading appearance protection for your motorcycle.

Maybe it’s your daily commuter. Or maybe you’re getting out to enjoy the weekend. However, you choose to ride — protection for your motorcycle’s appearance is paramount.

Vehicle paint today is more susceptible to environmental damage - from tree sap, bugs, hard water, acid rain, bird droppings, UV fading, road salt, and more! - than ever before. 1415 Appearance Protection’s carbon ceramic polymer is specifically formulated to increase the strength and durability of your motorcycle’s exterior paint - helping maintain your bike’s showroom shine for years to come. This industry-leading technology is applied to all wheels and chrome too, maximizing your protection.

Together with our leather/vinyl seat and upholstery treatment, 1415 Appearance Protection’s products are exactly what you need to protect the appearance and value of your motorcycle, make it easier to clean and maintain, and be ready for the road ahead.

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Powersports Extended Service Plan

An Extended Service Plan will provide peace of mind and reduce those unexpected cost for repairs.

Value ATV, UTV, Scooter Coverage

Water Pump
Primary Drive
Drive Assemblies
Fuel: Petcock
Suspension, Front & Rear
Seals & Gasket

Additional Benefits

Roadside Assistance
Rental Reimbursement
Vehicle Pickup Benefit
Deductible Key Replacement Benefit
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Personal Watercraft Extended Service Plan

Enhanced coverage for personal watercraft maintenance and repairs, ensuring prolonged enjoyment and peace of mind on the water.


All internally lubricated parts including pistons; piston rings and pins; crankshaft and main bearings; connecting rods and rod bearings; reed valves and reed blocks; cylinder head(s); and crankcase.


Complete oil injection system; oil pump; oil injection gear; oil tank; oil cap; oil level sensor; and oil lines.


Fuel tank; petcock; and fuel lines. 

Drive Line

Drive shaft; bushings; bearings; and flywheel.


Internally lubricated parts within the pump housing; housing; bearings; impeller; and bushings.


Starter and choke primer switches; run and stop switches; throttle control handle; throttle cable; and ignition switch. Steering: Steering control assembly; steering gate; rudder; and nozzle (excluding cables). 


Alternator; starter; starter solenoid; ignition coil(s); rectifier; stator assembly; CDI control module; electronic ignitions module, voltage regulator; electronically operated gauges; and wiring harness.

Seals & Gaskets

For all Covered Parts listed for this VALUE Plan

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Golf Cart Coverage

GOLF CART COVERAGE by John Daly Car Care

Choosing John Daly Cart Care means you can focus on the fun of ownership. Breakdowns are as inevitable as your ball eventually finding a sand trap. John Daly Cart Care is a comprehensive solution for those times when you will need it the most. It even includes a towing reimbursement benefit of up to $75 in your coverage for the repair of an authorized claim.

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Easy Claims Process
• Call 888.340.7522 to determine if your repair is covered and for pre-authorization of any repair.
• Take your golf cart to your dealership or another authorized dealership for repair.