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RV Coverage

We offer multiple providers' products to ensure that you are presented with the best coverage, options, and prices! All Options are issued by A-Rated Insurance carriers with decades of experience in RV coverage.

RV Extended Service Agreement

Exclusionary Coverage is the most extensive coverage available for your recreational vehicle. After the manufacturer’s warranty expires, your Exclusionary Coverage provides for repair or replacement of all factory-installed original mechanical equipment on the covered vehicle except those items listed under what is not covered section of the service agreement. Please refer to the agreement for a list of those exclusions.

Additional Benefits:

Towing Benefit

RV Motorized – Benefit limit of $500 for towing, $250 for all other services. RV Towable – Benefit limit of $300 for towing, $150 for all other services, covers the tow vehicle while towing the RV as well as trailers and powersports – same as RV towable.


If you are locked out of your covered vehicle, we will deliver locksmith services to your vehicle and aid in the opening of your locked vehicle, and/or obtaining a replacement key, up to the vehicle type limit. TIRE SERVICE We will repair your damaged tire. If your damaged tire is unrepairable, we will install your inflated spare.

Battery Service

A jumpstart or minor emergency mechanical adjustments will be applied to start your vehicle at the point of disablement, up to the vehicle type limit.

Fluid Delivery

An emergency supply of gasoline, diesel, diesel exhaust fluid, oil, water, or other materials or parts will be delivered to a member’s vehicle in cases of immediate need, up to the vehicle type limit. Members are responsible for the cost of the liquids, parts, or materials delivered.


We will extricate your vehicle from a ditch, snow, mud, or sand to the point of disablement, up to the vehicle type limit.

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RV Appearance Protection

Your RV’s appearance and value are at risk every mile it’s on the road. And even when we leave the road - for the campsite, the tailgate, or even your driveway - it's exposed to environmental threats to both the exterior and the interior.

RV paint today is more susceptible to environmental damage - from tree sap, bugs, hard water, acid rain, bird droppings, UV fading, road salt, and more! - than ever before. 1415 Appearance Protection’s carbon ceramic polymer is specifically formulated to increase the strength and durability of your RV’s exterior paint and protects at temperatures up to 700°F (compared to just 150°F for most waxes), helping maintain your RV’s showroom shine for years to come.

RV interiors are a “lived-in” environment, often experiencing food, drinks, pets, dirt, dust, and other grime throughout our ownership. These all lead to spills, stains, and odors that are hard to remove with ordinary cleaning. 1415 Appearance Protection’s Xmicrobe is an all-in-one interior stain and odor protection layer that bonds to your RV’s interior to ensure long-term protection.

Together, 1415 Appearance Protection’s exterior and interior RV protection products are exactly what you need to protect the appearance and value of your RV, make it easier to clean and maintain, and ultimately be ready for the road ahead

Need to file a claim? START HERE
Need to file a claim? START HERE