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Car Tips

How Many Parts Are in a Car?

February 10, 2023

There was a time when automobiles were simpler and didn’t have lots of parts, but modern cars have a vast number of parts, including all sorts of electronic components for powering high-tech accessories.

But just how many parts are in a car?

Cars today are more complex than ever before.  Many parts you can see and many more that are completely concealed. Just think about all the stuff inside a door alone: It hides parts to control the windows, locks, side mirrors, plus all of the bits for the door latches and handles.

There’s a lot going on in a car, and it’s not just in the engine compartment. Add in plenty of wires, harnesses, and clips for all the electronics and engine components as well as all of the hoses, clamps, belts and bolts.

The exact number of parts in a car varies widely from car to car, but what’s the average? Typically, you can expect that there are about 30,000 parts in your car, from the tiniest nuts and bolts to the engine block. This is just a rough figure, so your car will likely have more or less.

Maintaining these parts is vital to their longevity.  If not properly maintained, your manufacturer’s warranty will be in jeopardy as well as your extended warranty (if purchased).  Following the manufacturer’s suggested maintenance schedule, will potentially save you thousands of dollars.